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Agfa Ambi Silette 35 mm interchangeable lens rangefinder camera

Agfa Ambi Silette 35 mm interchangeable lens rangefinder camera was made in 1957 to 1961. There were 35mm f4, 50mm f2.8 and 90 mm f4 lenses made for this camera. It is interesting to know beside...

Agfa Isolette III

An introduction to the Agfa Isolette III, how it works and some things to consider when looking for the camera.

Agfa Silette Vintage Camera Review - Camera Clubhouse

The original Agfa Silette (also sold as the Ansco Memar) from 1953 is a fun little 35mm camera with manual controls and a 45mm f3.5 lens. Check out the review including some sample photos!

Adapted Lenses for Box Cameras

Interested in making a paper negative box camera? Here are some guidelines around selecting an adapted lens.

Sony A7 - Glorious Agfa 35mm f/4 lens hack

In this video, I fix a 1950's German-made Agfa Color-Ambion 35mm f/4 wide angle lens to a Minolta-NEX E-mount adapter. Since this lens is quite tricky and expensive to adapt, I found this hack...

Agfa Isolette and Ansco Speedex Lens Collimating.wmv

Collimating lens for folding camera Agfa Isolette and Ansco Speedex using 35mm camera and lens. Very easy and useful way of getting lens in focus on old cameras.

Video Manual for the Ansco Memar (Agfa Silette)

Ansco's Memar, the Agfa Silette, was a small, light, simple to operate, easy to learn entry-level 35mm viewfinder point and shoot camera. Intended, primarily, for zone and hyperfocal focusing,...

Fashion + Film Photography? | Canon FTb + Agfa Vista 200

We joined the Eren team in their photo shoot for their new clothing collection. We tagged along to try out a fashion inspired film shoot. Eren clothing:

Close Up Macro Photography - Macro Filters For Camera Lenses | By Altura Photo®

Check out this video to learn more about the Macro Close Up Set for Camera Lenses from Altura Photo®. See it on Amazon: Features: - High-Quality lenses made of glass...

Canon A1 + Agfa APX

Practice and have fun. Today I shot a Canon A1 with APX Agfa Photo film, and show you all the 36 shots that came out of it. follow me on twitter or instagram: @edpavez http://www.eduardopavezgoye...

Portraits on Cheap Film Agfa Vista 400 + Lomography Color 100 Film

Today we shoot portraits on two cheap films, Agfa Vista 400 and Lomography color 100 on the Canon EOS 3. Today we look at how they perform in a portrait setting, and which one is better. Let...

Agfa Isolette III

One of a series of my classic camera collection: see MORE on this camera with this 'link' ---

Ansco Agfa memo camera

Another overview of classic beauty. This one was made in the good ole US of A. IT uses 35mm film to shoot half frame size pictures. This is Ansco Memo half frame camera.

Cheap Film Cameras With Great Lenses

Brian recommends some inexpensive film cameras that have quality lenses. Get great shots without breaking the bank!

Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic | The Other Red Dot Camera

AGFA Optima Sensor Electronic - The other "Red Dot" camera. My first GAS purchase. Below are some of the tools I use to create my videos SONY a6000 - Selfie Stick...

Agfa Optima II S Review How to Operate

I review an Agfa Optima II S. I go over the the controls and different settings of the camera.

Lomography with the Agfa Clack

Using the Agfa Clack Medium Format 120 film camera for Lomography with XPRO slide film for Lomo. Film made in Graz, Austria. More info on the blog -

6x9 Agfa Record III

How to use a 6x9 film camera.

Agfa Optima 500 SN Color-Solinar 45mm F2.8 Lens Test Sample Images on A7RII A7II A7SII A7III A9

Lens removed from camera adapted to Sony E mount. Shot with FF Sony. Lens Character... -Very bold unique out of focus rendering (Not nervous) -Sharp for the whole frame wide open -Lens hood...

Olympus Pen EF + Agfa Vista 200 (Day) | 36 Exposures

The Olympus Pen half frame series is well known to pack a good lens onto a compact. We'll be shooting with the last one released by Olympus. Show us some love! Like the video, and subscribe!...

Exploring Manila (Quiapo) Street Photography | Canonet 28 + Agfa Vista 400

We went to Hidalgo St. in Quiapo, Manila to have Gab's Canon FTb fixed. This is one of the most iconic spots in Manila especially for photography. While waiting for the camera to get fixed,...

🏄‍♀SURF PHOTOGRAPHY in Siargao (first try) | Nikonos V + Agfa Vista 400

This is my first time using a film camera in the water. I also had a go in trying out surf photography for the first time. I know that the photos aren't the best surf photos but I'm looking...

Agfa Photo Macro Filters Review

Buy on Amazon: In this video I am going...

Vintage Cameras - Agfa Isolette II (1950s)

The Agfa Isolette II medium format folding camera from the 1950s. Manufactured in Germany with an Apotar 85mm lens and Prontor-S shutter. Filmed in black and white.

Leica M3 + Agfa APX

today, we'll shoot a Leica M3 with APX Agfa Photo Film at the Mauerpark, Berlin. I'll show you all 36 shots from the camera. filmed by Frannerd. check her youtube channel, here: https://www.youtub...

Agfa Isolette II (Operating)

REVIEW: Sample Images: - - - - - - - - -...

Agfa Isolette II - Agfa Agnar 85mm f/4.5 (Sample pictures)

REVIEW: More Sample Images: The lens on the...

Analog Insights: The Ultimate Medium Format Camera

In this video, Jules and I set out to shoot and accurately expose slide film with the Agfa Synchro box that feature only one shutter speed (1/30s) and two apertures (f11 and f16). Take a look...

Agfa Agfatronic 643 CS Dialog The strongest flash on a camera

This is the Agfa 643 CS. It is as strong as four of the strongest Nikon Speedlights or Canon Speedlites together. On this website you'll find the manual:

Agfa Vista 400

This video are made for the color film review. For those who are still playing in their mind what film to shoot, this review might be useful for you. Camera: Canon A-1 Lens: Canon FD f|1.8...

Agfa Isoly-II Camera from the 1960s

This German medium-format viewfinder film camera was one of the first fully automatic 35mm cameras. It was the top-of-the-line model of the Isoly series and very popular among budding and amateur...

Vintage 1920's Agfa Ansco Eastman Camera

I had the luxury of playing around with a beautiful vintage Agfa Ansco Camera made in the 1920's. AGFA ANSCO Eastman View No. 2 Made in Binghamton, N.Y. Agfa Ansco Eastman No 2 Camera...

Virtual camera museum project - AGFA KARAT 36 Art Deco - by Roudesign

My first short pilot, part of a future video virtual museum project dedicated to the amazing film cameras. This model of prewar Agfa Karat, produced in 1936-1937 comes in 2 versions of...

A+A Graphics using Agfa 3D lens

The owner Ara of A+A Graphics as the Toronto sign show displaying the Agfa 3D lens using the Agfa Mira flatbed printer. His booth had the most traffic, the show was closed and clients as you...

Review Vintage- Agfa Ambi Silette

Review da Agfa Ambi Silette.

Agfa Clack Pinhole Camera Conversion

After repeated requests, I've decided to make my first "how to" video. This is how I convert an Agfa Clack to a pinhole camera. The focal length is about 65mm with a 0.3mm pinhole so I'm...

AGFA Super Silette

AGFA Super Silette with a Color Apotar lens, f2.8, 45mm Rangefinder Manual Camera.

Antic Camara,,agfa click 4

i don't know what is this....but this is awesome.

Agfa Photo Macro Filters Unboxing

In this video I am going to be taking my new Macro Filters out of the box. Twitter:

Photo Walk with Rollei 35 and Agfa Vista 400 in Bangkok

check out the pictures here : I shot a roll of Agfa Vista Plus 400 with my Rollei 35 in Bangkok Thailand. I...

WAJDA PHOTO - Gear Talk: Agfa Karat 36 Rangefinder Camera

YouTube is not Supporting Smaller Channels - Support on Patreon: WAJDA PHOTO - Vertical rangefinder in German engineering.

Gustaf's Thrift Hauls - Vintage camera & lens lot #004

Got some really good finds just before and after Christmas at my usual thrift store here in Stockholm. In order of appearance: · Olympus OM-2 w/ Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 + unusual leather case ·...

Fixing Lens Problems on a Digital Camera (lens error, lens stuck, lens jammed, dropped) This video provides a step-by-step description of techniques to repair the most common problem for digital...

Vintage digital SLR autopsy Agfa Actioncam 3CCD part 3

Update: yes the film winding motor was installed in is place.

52 Cameras: Camera 72 part 1 – Agfa Optima IIS

When it works right you can tell it was a great camera. How many of today's cameras will be working at all in 50 years? See more results at

Natural Light Portrait Shoot on 35mm Film! (Fashion Inspired)

Shooting Fashion Portraits using only natural light on 35mm film, no flash or reflectors. This is a story about that day. I've been really inspired to shoot portraits and fashion photography...

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