Ambrotype process photography

Ambrotype process photography Misha Burlatsky studio - Boris Sukhodolskiy phtography - Misha Burlatsky -

Ambrotype Photographer | Kurt Moser - Lightcatcher

With three decades spent in conflict zones around the world, camera operator Kurt Moser pursues a new "peaceful" mission: to capture the Dolomites using ultra-large format Ambrotype photography...

Collodion wet plate ambrotype process

The wet plate collodion proces. More info you can find at :

16x20 Ambrotype

I didn't want to answer emails the other day so I thought I'd build a camera instead. What started as a doodle on a napkin at 1pm became a creation of wood, plastic and yes, duct tape at about...

Making Ambrotypes - Wet Plate Collodion

Video of Honza Hronek preparing things for making ambrotypes for his exhibition.

'Ambrotype' Photography with Serge Romanov

A unique insight into the almost forgotten photographic process called Ambrotype Serge Romanov is one of Moscow's most extravagant glamour photographers. Today he shares with us his view on...

Wet Plate Collodion - How to make a tintype step by step.

In this video I'm going through the process of making a tintype with the wet plate collodion process. Also check out the article:

Ambrotypes - Photographs in Silver on Glass

Interview/Short Documentary about Photography on Collodion Wetplates. Regie Samuel Deisenberger, Filmhochschule Wien (german)

Antique Photographs and Photography - Identifying Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, and Tintypes

A quick tutorial on the history of early photography and how to identify a daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype.

The black art: wet plate collodion photography

Photographer Adrian Cook uses one of the oldest photographic processes to make unique images on aluminium plates. Guardian Australia's picture editor, Jonny Weeks, joins him in his portable...


Procédé photographique dont le nom fut inventé par le daguerréotypiste Marcus Aurelius Root (1808-1888), tiré du grec ancien, de ἀνβροτός — « immortel » et τύπος —...

A monster tree as an ambrotype, as a carbon process and albumen print processes

I love outdoor wet plate photography and making prints. In this video I'm making a 10x12" ambrotype, wet plate collodion negative and than I'm printing it in carbon print process and albumen...

Scanning Wet-Plate Collodion Ambrotype or Tintype Plate

Scanning Wet-Plate Collodion Ambrotype or Tintype Plate using Epson v700 scanner.

Making a Tintype

Process Historian Mark Osterman demonstrates the making of a Civil War-era tintype.

16x20 Ambrotype Developing

A 16x20 clear glass ambrotype of my friend Ashley coming to life.

Wet plate collodion-How to create an ambrotype?-Magda Kuca

Wet plate collodion is 19th century photographic technique, craft-based in nature, results in photographic image on the glass plate. It requires large format camera and a darkroom with each... Shoots Ambrotypes w Harry Taylor photographer Harry Taylor shoots Ambryotypes for a military family.

Cased Images Daguerreotypes and Tintypes

Just what is the difference between a daguerreotype and a tintype? Photo curator Diane Adams-Graf explains what distinguishes these two early photographic processes. Actual daguerreotypes and...

A Quiet Riot - The Ambrotypes of Eric Antoine

Double Infinity cinematographer Willem Vleugels went to visit French photographer Eric Antoine last August. The goal was to produce a short docu about Antoine's Ambrotype photography. This...

A Brief History of Photography: Innovations in Chemistry - Bytesize Science

The history of photography is rich with chemical innovations and insights, producing hundreds of different processes to develop images in unique and often beautiful ways. But these historical...

Applying Asphaltum to an Ambrotype

My process for applying asphaltum to clear glass ambrotypes. I made this video for a fellow wetplater.

Demonstration of Ambrotype Backing

This ambrotype by Mathew B. Brady (American, ca. 1823–1896) was donated to our collection in 1963. Because it arrived without a housing (it most likely had one when it was made), it gives...

To understand how a wet plate collodion negative can be seen positive when the background is very dark.

1850's Ambrotype photo in case

1850's Ambrotype photo in case.

Black Glass & Clear Glass Ambrotypes & Kitsch

Quinn reveals this amazing (NOT!) trick and talks about David as "subject".

Civil War Photographs: The Liljenquist Family Collection

Close to 700 ambrotype and tintype photographs highlight both Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. The Liljenquist Family sought out high quality images to represent...

ambrotype - silver on black glass

3d effect of shiny silver on black glass. scan do not show this. wet plate collodion process. more works:

Collodion Wet Plate Photography by Daniel Samanns - Berlin - Germany - Ambrotype

Collodion Wet Plate Photography by Daniel Samanns Ambtotype = collodion wet plate POSITIVE.

Fijando un ambrotipo (71x71cm) en el Revela-T / Fixing a 28x28" ambrotype

Joaquín Paredes fixing a 28x28" ambrotype during Revela-T photography festival in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona (Spain). Video by Alberto de la Cruz Joaquín...

Ambrotype - The Revelations (Full Album)

1. Wretch 00:00 2. Crown of Thorns 05:21 3. Cry Me a Black Tear (Elegy for My Brother) 14:25 4. I Am the Beast 19:29 5. Your Vivid Soul 30:36 6. The Ambrotype 37:49 7. My Nightmare...

Wooden box for an ambrotype

This video is about a wooden box that I've made in which I'll ship an ambrotype. More about it on my blog:

The Wet Plate Collodion Process

Quinn Jacobson demonstrates the 19th Century Wet Plate Collodion process. He also gives a brief history of the process. To see more, please visit

Hand colored ambrotype photo Nagy Krisztián.

What Is An Ambrotype Photo?

Photographic processes ambrotypes (prints and photographs how to identify a daguerreotype skinner inc antique ambrotype collector information define at dictionary or daguerreotype? What is...

Varnishing an ambrotype

This is how I varnish my black glass ambrotypes using home made sandarac varnish. Check out my website : or facebook page :

The Ambrotype

The Ambrotype/Tintype are a different process from the Daguerreotype. The Ambrotype/Tintype process is a collodion process; the emulsion sits on the substrate. The best way to tell the difference...

Wet Plate Collodion - Fixing 5x7 Ambrotype - Lingeries - Wet Plate Collodion - Fixing 5x7 ambrotype - Lingeries FOLLOW:

Magic Moments I. Collodion Wet Plate Ambrotype - fixation in a tray

Collodion Wet Plate Photography by Danil Samanns - The series "Magic Moments" shows different wet plate ambrotypes already coated exposed developed an now being...

Hell's Kitchen Project - Ambrotype Exchibition

Hell's Kitchen” is - it would seem - quite an inexpensive name for a photographic exhibition. However, just after crossing the threshold of Marcin Andrzejewski's atelier, one of the...

Wet Plate Collodion / Ambrotype Tamás Varga

wet plate collodion photographer: Tamás Varga.

Making ULF Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotypes in Barcelona

This is a 7 minute video of Quinn Jacobson and the Atelieretaguardia Studio in Barcelona, Spain making 16"x20" or 40 x 50cm Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotype portraits. The video has "Long Way...

Ambrotype Meaning

Video shows what ambrotype means. an early type of photograph in which a glass negative appears positive when displayed on a black background. Ambrotype Meaning. How to pronounce, definition...

Magnesium Flashooter - This is the flash for collodion photos and analog photography - McrCameras

Shoot your flash - Fotografa il tuo lampo di genio Vi presento il mio nuovo "Flashooter" ... Ovvero il nuovo flash al magnesio!! Buon divertimento da MCR-Cameras Collodion. Cercatemi su facebook...

darkroom 2

A home made portable darkroom for use with the wet plate collodion ambrotype and tintype process. Lightweight and fast to erect.... 37 seconds. Materials used are simply 5 ply timber, coreflute...

Adam Savage's Tintype Portrait (from Tested: The Show!)

Meet photographer Michael Shindler, who creates one-of-a-kind tintype photographs using a 19th century wet plate collodion process. At our recent live show, Michael transformed an entire theater...

Introduction of Ambrotype

Bring all your online photos together easily and effectively Ambrotype pulls in your photos from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social media sites and allows you to create albums based...

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