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The Best Contax Lens - Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 35-70mm f/3.4

The Contax Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 35-70mm f/3.4 lens holds an almost legendary status in the photography world and is considered to be one of the finest 35mm optics ever created. In this video,...

CANON THE BARBARIAN S01E01: Contax Carl Zeiss LEGENDARY Primes! 35mm f1.4 and 28mm f2 "Hollywood" 4K

In this first episode I'm hanging out with Alex (Sony fanboyo) and we are checking out Carl Zeiss Lenses made for Contax. Shot on mk3 RAW with 35mm f1.4 and 28mm f2 "Hollywood" (it moved hnnnnnnnn...

On Variable ND and Contax Lenses

Talking about Vari-ND for the A7sII and the many kinds of Zeiss Contax lenses. This video was originally exclusive for Patrons - become a patron at! Microphones are...

Contax RTS Camera Review & Sample Photos

In this video, Jules and I review the Contax RTS, a professional segment analog SLR camera which hit the market in 1975. The Contax RTS was the result of the cooperation between Carl Zeiss...

Overview of the Carl Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 (Contax/Yashica) on the Sony A7II

Out of all the lenses I have ever owned or used, the Contax Mount Carl Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 has to be my favorite. I have not used it extensively yet, however from what I have seen thus far, this...

Cine-modded Contax Zeiss Glass | Into the Gear Bag

Like many, I have a soft spot for vintage glass. In this video, I discuss the parts we used to cine-mod our Contax Zeiss glass. During the filming of this video, we currently have: 18 f4...

ZEISS CONTAX c/y lens test for video – sharpness, color, bokeh and breathing

A quick test with the ZEISS Contax primes 18, 25, 28, 35, 50 mm and the 35-70 mm zoom lens. As still photo lenses, they show some visible breathing, but the image quality is quite good. Excellent...

Adapter camera E-Mount to lens Contax Zeiss 16mm f/8 Hologon


5 Top Film Cameras for Under $1000 feat. JapanCameraHunter

We met up with Bellamy Hunt aka JapanCameraHunter to get his top 5 picks for classic film cameras (,, for under $1000US...

Contax 645 Review

After years of wanting to get my hands on this camera, I finally had a chance to shoot with the legendary Contax 645. I rented this setup for two weeks from the folks over at Midwest Photo...

Contax T2 Review - Kendall's new camera - Carl Zeiss Lens 38mm

Camera review of the contax t2. Also happens to be loved by Kendall Jenner. I make cool vids, i hope. Ask me anything regarding the camera. I love film cameras, street wear and music. Music...

Contax T2 Carl Zeiss Lens 35mm Film Camera Review

This is my review of the legendary Contax T2 35mm film camera that has the brilliant Carl Zeiss Lens. FIlm Processing By - Royalty Free Music by

Modyfing Carl Zeiss Contax mount to Canon EF

Canon Leitax mount -

Issues with the Metabones adapter for Contax G lenses

The adapter is not aligned properly, so the lock tab on the adapter cannot reach the appropriate lock slot on the lens.

Contax G to X-Pro1 (X-mount) Adapter

Brian reviews an inexpensive Contax G to X-mount adapter for the X-pro1 or X-E1 from RainbowImaging.

Zeiss Contax IIa

The Zeiss Contax IIa was the follow-up to the Contax II in West Germany after WWII. The original Contax was made to compete with the Leica 35mm cameras. 1:40 finder shoe 2:56 shutter speed...

Contax 645 Camera Review | Mastin Labs

The Contax 645 Medium Format Film Camera is the holy grail of film photography. To learn more about the Contax 645 watch this review by Kirk Mastin, Founder of Mastin Labs. https://www.mastinlabs...

AnalogRev: Contax G2

Ian and Warren are presented with the Contax G2, one of the sexiest rangefinders in existence. But does it justify its stellar reputation? [The AnalogRev Show]: [Subscribe]...

ZEISS CONTAX c/y lens test for video – vignetting wide open / stopped down

A quick test with the ZEISS Contax primes 18, 25, 28, 35, 50, 135 mm and the 35-70 mm zoom lens. As still photo lenses, they show some visible breathing, but the image quality is quite good....

Carl Zeiss Contax 50mm f 1 4 Planar lens test

Lens test of the stunningly sharp and fast, Carl Zeiss Contax 50mm f 1.4.

Three 85mm Zeiss Lenses. Contax, ZE and Compact Prime.

Here is a little comparison between three Zeiss 85mm lenses. They range in price from around $300 to well over $3k. They all have the famed T* coating and are all manual focus lenses. this...

Contax G1 with 28, 45 and 90mm lenses and TLA200 Flash

Today, I received in the mail a Contax G1 with 3 lenses (28mm f/2.8, 45mm f/2.0 and 90mm f/2.8) and a TLA200 TTL flash. The Contax G1 is an autofocus film rangefinder sold during the 90's....

Contax 100mm F2 Planar Lens

A promotional video for the Contax Planar F2. Full review at

GH5 Lens Test Lumix 12-35mm 2.8ii vs Contax Zeiss Vintage Lenses

Check out my gear on Kit: 0:28 - Image Comparison 2:04 - Chromatic Aberration Comparison 3:13 - Flare Comparison 4:39 - Close Focus Comparison 5:39 - Parfocal...

Contax N lenses EF mount conversion

As Kyocera didn't produce more Contax N cameras and lenses since 2005, Contax N lenses find the way to survive after conversion to work with newest canon cameras.


Lowlight test shots on Sony A7Sii wth Contax Zeiss 28-85 . Recorded on Atomos Shogun Inferno. ISO 12800, f4, lut applied in Premiere Pro.

Contax Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.7 with cheap chinese Canon EOS adapter

Just trying to show that the aperture stops down perfectly with this cheap adapter bought off ebay. Follow the conversation here

C100 Mark II Lens Comparison | Carl Zeiss Contax 50mm f/1.4

Lens Testing Carl Zeiss Contax 50mm f/1.4 Planar T* C/Y Mount Lens Duclos Cine-Mod Leitax Lens Adapter Canon 50mm f/1.8 7-Blade (New Style) Lens Shot on a C100 Mark II AVCHD Emotimo TB3 Slider.

FDXtra: Shoot Through The Sweet Spot with Contax 645 Lenses

In this episode of FDXtra, we look at Contax 645 lenses and show you how to use them with your modern DSLR camera. Click here to buy adapter:

A6000 Contax g lenses Kanazawa Japan

Footage with contax g lenses.28mm 45mm and 90mm. A6000 graded by davinci resolve.

Contax G lens to Sony NEX AF adapter Pre-order Promotion

Book Mark this page: will Start pre-order tomorrow! More news will update within this few days!!!

How to declick the Contax Zeiss 50mm 1.7 AEJ lens

Tutorial about how to declick the Contax Zeiss 50mm 1.7 AEJ lens. MUSIC Retro Dreamscape de Twin Musicom está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution (

*SOLD OUT* Contax Planar 50mm f1.4 Carl Zeiss T* lens MMJ

Thank you very much for your interest. Up for Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm F1.4 lens.

Contax G2 & 45mm F2 Carl Zeiss

This Contax G2 35mm camera and 45mm f2 Carl Zeiss lens kit produces sharp colorful photos with excellent contrast and a three-dimensional look.

[DEO-Tech] Contax G Adapter Mark2 EAGLE tesing on Sony A7

Not on Sony FE Zeiss lens, now Contax G Zeiss T* lens also can AF on Sony a7/a7r camera! You can order the DEO-tech Contax G - Sony NEX (a) AF adapter here: DEO-tech

A7SII Zeiss Contax 120fps

zeiss contax 28mm 2.8.

ZEISS Lens Gears turn camera lenses into cinema lenses in a flash

ZEISS Lens Gears make ZEISS Otus, ZEISS Milvus and ZEISS Loxia lenses a proper cine-style lens for professional filmmakers. The ZEISS Lens Gears are available in four different sizes: mini,...

Contax T3 Review - in 4K | Analog Review | Best Compact Vintage Film Camera w/ Zeiss lens

Instagram: Facebook: Introduction: 0:40 Design: 2:22 Operation: 3:11 Buying Advice: 6:15 Image Samples: 9:24 Music by...

Contax N lens AF on Sony A7

Contax N mount auto lens owners now have a new option. Fringer's full auto Contax N-Sony E adapter supports auto aperture control and auto focus functions. The video is a AF speed comparison...

MASSA Contax / Yashica C/Y Lens to Canon EOS Mount Adapter Ring from

A high quality item. It allows you to use Contax C/Y mount lens on EOS camera.

A7RII and Contax N/645 lens, fast AF (thru. Fringer adapter Mk2/Mk3)

When connected to A7RII through Fringer adapter MK2/Mk3, Contax N and 645 lenses are capable of doing fast AF through phase detection. This is the demo of N24-85, N50, N70-300, N70-200, C645...

Review: Contax G2 - KEH Camera

Today we put a roll of Portra 400 through the Contax G2, a rangefinder with a lot of unique features. Camera Gear: Contax G2 Zeiss 45mm f/2 Planar Shop our pre-owned Contax camera gear today:...

Contax II A Camera

Components and condition of this Contax II-A Camera.

JAS Contax 645 / Nikon F Adaptor Ring

Engineering prototype of JAS Contax 645 / Nikon F Adaptor Ring, honorly presented by steelchn @ . JAS Contax 645 / EF Adaptor Ring and JAS Contax N / EF non-destructive conversion...

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