Minox DCC 14 Megapixel Camera - My Review

This is my review on the Minox DCC 14 Camera Description 14.0 megapixel CMOS sensor 5-element lens with IR filter glass Video mode in AVI format SD cards ...

Minox 35GT a full frame 'miniature' spy camera

How to use the German -made MINOX 35GT a full-frame 35mm miniature camera. I show some actual darkroom prints and you can see MORE on my Flickr ...

The Minox B

I describe the famous spy camera and a film slitter to load any film into it you like.

MINOX - The Legend Lives On!

An image video for MINOX featuring Walter Zapp and the history of the 8x11 subminiature camera - The Legend Lives On.

Minox B camera pictures

These are pictures I took with my Minox. If you don't know what that is, then check out my video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzb-wyweyTo&t=33s.

The Minox B - Every Spy's Best Friend

A (reasonably) serious review of the Minox B micro camera, and its use in international espionage.

Lee Harvey Oswald and the Minox Camera

Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of John F. Kennedy, was framed for JFK's murder. This video explores one of the means by which Oswald was framed, ...

MINOX - Then and Now

An image video for MINOX featuring the town of Wetzlar and some historical highlights. Made in 2009, some of the manufacturing and quality features are also ...

Minox EC The world's smallest camera

Minox EC The Minox EC is a subminiature photo camera introduced by Minox GmbH in Germany in 1981. Although it accepts the same 8 x 11 mm film cartridges ...

Minox 35ML Review

A review of a pocket sized 35mm film camera, the Minox 35ML. Very popular with Andy Warhol and many street photographers. This little camera has a great ...

MINOX Image Video, EN

This new production features Walter Zapp and the history of the 8x11 subminiature camera, with up-to-date scenarious to include the newer sport optics products ...

Minox Mini Camera

This Lilliputian shooter looks like a toy or perhaps a gadget the circa-60s James Bond might have carried to snap nefarious goings-on. But this tiny Minox is ...

Fotocamaras vintage de mercadillos: Minox 35 AL

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebphotos/

MINOX DCC 5.1 Camera, EN

This is a presentation of the MINOX DCC 5.1 Digital Classic Camera, explaining some of the highlights of this compact and fully functional miniature classic ...

Minox 35 GL analog camera review + sample images

In this review, i tell you everything you need to know, to be able to use the "Minox 35 GL" or all other cameras from the "Minox 35 series". At the end of the video ...

Minox 007 spycamera, loading / unloading a film

How to load and unload a film cassette into a Minox subminiature 007 James Bond type spycamera.

Minox 007 spycamera

The marvellous Minox subminiature camera.

Shoot Film in New York: Minox 35 GT

If you want to support my channel, please do so! https://www.patreon.com/edpavez As always, the drums are by the amazing Rodrigo Recabarren... check his ...

Minox DCC14 Digital Toy Camera review by Dale

Minox DCC14 Digital Toy Camera review by Dale.

Minox 35 GT

Worlds smallest 35mm camera.

Zone focusing with Minox 35GT + JCH Street Pan400

there are a lot of sample photos in this video ! this Minox uses zone focusing, and I find its viewfinder to be absolutely unnecessary. In all honesty, the Minox ...

Film Cameras are fun

we consider ourself to be a camera porn addict, so we really don't have a camera bias, especially when it comes to film cameras. We did find the 135 format to ...

MINOX DCC Digital Classic Camera Leica M3

A nostalgic miniature reproduction of the Leica M3. With a 4 MP resolution, this gem is the perfect collector's item for Leica and technology fans.

MINOX Digital Spy Cam, EN

This is a presentation of the MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera, reminiscent of the 8x11 subminiature spy camera especially popular during the Cold War.

Minox b picture taking tutorial- Aiden Serratoni

here I show you how to take pictures with your Minox b camera, although unfortunately I do not show you how to load the film. you can learn how to load the film ...

Minox Street Photographs

Images taken with a Minox while in NYC over a span of about 5 years. The web address at the end of this video is out dated. It should now be: ...

A Tale of Two Cameras

Take two cameras, a Minolta X700 and a Minox GT-E, with the same type film; which works best for candid photography?

Leica M3 Minox.avi

The Minox 4MP - Leica M3 Miniature Replica.

MINOX Digital Classic Camera 5.1

A product video presenting the MINOX DCC 5.1 which came onto the market in January 2010.

Minox in the Movies: "O.S.S." 1946

O.S.S. is a 1946 movie starring Alan Ladd, dramatizing the operations of the World War II Office of Strategic Services which was a U.S. spy agency set up to fight ...

KGB Spy Museum.Vef Minox Subminiature espionage camera

The Vef Riga is the first and the smallest subminiature camera ever sold commercially by Minox. It dates back to before World War II and was in production from ...

Street Photography in Luxembourg - Minox 35 GT & Leica M 240

When we drove home from the Netherlands to Austria, we made a quick stop in Luxembourg to explore the city for a day. I had my Minox 35 GT loaded with Ilford ...

35mm Film Zone Focusing & Street Shooting

Lets try some zone focusing, I go through a quick run down on How to zone focus, then hit the streets to test it out with 35mm film Find me on instagram ...

Joy and fun with The Minox Camera

Introduction to the Minoxgarphy channel.

Minox A spy camera

Street shots.

Minox 35GT with flash hood original cover(shantishop)

Vintage minox camera with flash,lens Hood,original cover.

Heute im Blickpunkt: Minox B - Teil 2: Filme für die Minox

Diesen Clip hätte ich besser zuerst veröffentlichen sollen, denn fürs Filmeinlegen gibt es noch immer Original-Bedienungsanweisungen. Die Frage nach ...

Best Minox Classic Digital Camera

Please click below for more information 1. MINOX DCC Leica M3 5MP Digital Camera ...

Minox in the Movies Kolchak "The Trevi Collection" 1974

Investigative Journalist Carl Kolchak regularly used a Rollei 16 subminiature camera during the show's run. But in the episode entitled "The Trevi Collection" ...

Minox LX & C : Cleaning part 2 !!!

how to clean your Minox Sub Min Camera Minox LX & C & 111s now ready for sale , cleaned tested,new battery fitted on all LX & C models contact ...

Minox Binocular Camera Attachment in the movie "Tucker: The Man and his Dream"

This brief scene from the movie "Tucker: The Man and his Dream" (1988) shows a spy from a rival car company photographing a Tucker test run, using a Minox ...

Leica M3 Hands-on Review

This year marks the 60th anniversary for Leica's legendary M3(http://bit.ly/LeicaBody), the most successful M model ever produced. With it's simple mechanical ...

MINOX LX. & C " How to Buy S/Hand & Clean !!!

How to buy a Minox LX & C thanks to Thorsten Overgaard for " how to clean a Leica "

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